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Vision and Core Values

Vision Statement

The vision of the School of Nursing is to achieve national eminence as a leader of excellence in nursing education, research, practice, service, and community outreach.

Core Values

Core Values are the beliefs that describe, define, and direct our work through the university and its operations. Essentially, values underlie what are primary to our belief system. The word value comes from the French verb, valoir, meaning "to be worth." Valor and worthiness guide the work we do. Through our mission, philosophy and sharing of experiences, LSUHSC, School of Nursing has discovered and unearthed its Core Values. As a fundamental set of guiding principles, Core Values provide direction and purpose.

Caring is the essence of humanity and the basic constitutive phenomena of the human experience.

  • Compassion is the force, which motivates a person to care.
  • Caring encompasses the interest, concern, compassion and kindness we demonstrate for our students, faculty and citizens of Louisiana.

This critical link in our common bond supports a healing and holistic culture that nurtures the individual. Facilitating the teaching-learning process, advocating for the needs of others, and mentoring our novice colleagues further defines caring as a core value.

Professionalism is the essence of LSUHSC School of Nursing. The school creates a climate to encourage personal development of the following professional qualities:

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Dependability
  • Commitment

These qualities are achieved through collaboration, cooperation, and mentoring.

The faculty and staff of LSUHSC function in a spirit of mutual respect in dealing with others at all levels (administration, colleagues, faculty, students, and community). This respect is illustrated by the following behaviors:

  • Acknowledging the value of others by treating them with respect.
  • Exemplifying good human relations skills such as courteousness, consideration and responsiveness to others.
  • Acting in a dignified professional manner.
  • Listening to others carefully and asking for clarification when necessary.
  • Acknowledging others time frame by being on time and making reasonable requests are requisites of respect.

These behaviors reflect pride in oneself, the profession of nursing, and being a part of LSUHSC School of Nursing.

Integrity is a link to our common bond.

  • In all endeavors, we will act in an honest, ethical and professional manner.
  • We value the modeling and teaching of honesty, integrity, objectivity/fairness, sincerity, self-awareness and loyalty.
  • We believe an environment that promotes integrity and trust will create positive educational experiences.

We value the opportunity to develop the potential of every individual of our diverse community. Diversity falls into two categories: social and intellectual.

  • Social Diversity welcomes and appreciates a work force and student body whose diversity mirrors, the population they serve. Other dimensions of social diversity include individuality, sensitivity, tolerance, good will, social justice and cultural competence.
  • Intellectual Diversity refers to the broad range of approaches to academia. Other dimensions of intellectual diversity are
    • autonomy in thinking
    • flexibility
    • respect for teaching strategies

We believe it is our responsibility to promote a climate of diversity among faculty,staff, and the student body because it is vital to the community we serve.

It is important for the school to encourage, collaborate, and share knowledge and experience among faculty/students in developing and implementing innovations for the advancement of nursing education, practice and research.

Faculty and students will be challenged to continue their development in professional knowledge and skills as well as exploring opportunities for new learning.

We believe that it is important to provide a milieu that encourages leadership, creativity, and scholarship, among faculty and students.

We believe in the importance of providing a reward system that is balanced in acknowledging faculty and students for excellence in teaching, practice, and research.