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Scope of Services

The following services will be provided within the primary functions for the Office of Nursing Research, Scholarship & Science:

  • Administration of Research Projects and Evaluation
    • Facilitate approval of research proposals through the Health Sciences Center System
    • Maintenance of research proposal, grants and other funding files
    • Supervise and review the preparation of research proposals
    • Approve research proposals and any extramural projects prior to submission
    • Maintenance of program evaluation instruments and data
    • Coordinate the distribution of reports to the Health Sciences Center, Dean, Associate Deans, Department Heads, Faculty, Students and Funding agencies
    • Maintain active databases to include, but not limited to, current research, funding opportunities, and research interest
    • Coordinate the Nursing Research Committee
    • Promote an intramural research funding program
    • Develop and maintain policies and procedures for the Office of Nursing Research, Scholarship & Science
    • Communicates research regulations and requirements of Health Sciences Center to faculty
  • Leadership in the Conduct and Dissemination of Nursing Research
    • Assist faculty to develop funded research proposals and programs of research
    • Publication of scholarly activities and research interest, issues and projects of the School of Nursing
    • Promote a research supportive environment with the School of Nursing
    • Establish research priorities for the School of Nursing
    • Assist faculty to develop abstracts, research reports, and other publications for research dissemination
    • Locate internal and external resources to support research initiatives with the collaboration of the Office of Community Services and Professional Activities
    • Support recruitment of active researchers
  • Consultation
    • Provide guidance through all phases of research proposal and manuscript development
    • Coordinate internal and external peer review of research proposals and manuscripts
    • Assist in the identification of funding opportunities
    • Assist in the completion of Institutional Review Board Applications
  • Faculty Development
    • Provision of research forums for the exchange of ideas between nursing and other disciplines
    • Provision of interdisciplinary seminars and workshops on research projects
    • Promote the development of a community of nursing scholars through a research mentoring program
  • Program Evaluation
    • Maintain copies of evaluation instruments
    • Distributes evaluation instruments to students and faculty for completion
    • Collects completed evaluation instruments
    • Distributes completed evaluation data for analysis
    • Distributes analyzed data according to systematic evaluation plan
  • Support Services
    • Maintain a repository of research instruments and research projects
    • Maintain a repository of funding opportunities
    • Provides software programs that support data analysis and presentation
    • Coordinate statistical services
    • Coordinate editorial services