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Requirements for CNA Certification

  1. Must be a Junior II or above and have completed Adult Health I and Mental Health theory and practicum with a C or better
  2. Review the technical skills list under CNA policies and procedures. Print out the PdX of technical skills completed and ensure that you have met the requirements.
  3. Ask a clinical instructor from Adult Health I or Mental Health for a letter of reference. This can be addressed to Who It May Concern so that it can be used for employment as well as certification.
  4. Copy of unofficial transcript showing passing grades for Adult Health I and Mental Health.
  5. Copy of your CPR card front and back

Bring this information to Katherine Carter, RN, DNP-C PHCNS APRN-B.C.
Office 3A11.
Phone number 504-568-4764 or cell 504-220-2025.