Public/Community Health Nursing

The Public/Community Health Nursing (PCHN) post-baccalaureate DNP (BSN to DNP) program of study consists of 84 credit hours (including 3Ps – advanced health assessment, advanced pathophysiology, and advanced pharmacology). The PCHN plan of study is developed, implemented, and will be revised based on the American Nurses Association, Public Health Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice and the AACN DNP Essentials. Students in this program will achieve the SON DNP program outcomes by building on the baccalaureate level public/community health nursing content and the student’s clinical experience. This program prepares a public/community health nurse at the graduate level who has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to engage in advanced individual and community assessments, program planning, development, implementation and evaluation. In addition, this graduate will have knowledge regarding environmental health nursing, disaster nursing, and public health law. The primary teaching-learning practices used in this program are community and environmental assessments, seminars, case studies/discussions, and public health clinical practicums that focus on the development, implementation and evaluation of a community level intervention/program.

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