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Vision and Core Values

Vision Statement

The vision of the School of Nursing is to improve global health as an innovative leader of excellence in nursing.

Core Values



Core Values are the beliefs that describe, define, and direct our work through the university and its operations. Essentially, values underlie what are primary to our belief system. The word value comes from the French verb, valoir, meaning "to be worth." Valor and worthiness guide the work we do. Through our mission, philosophy and sharing of experiences, LSUHSC, School of Nursing has discovered and unearthed its Core Values. As a fundamental set of guiding principles, Core Values provide direction and purpose.

Core Value Purpose
To integrate moral values that embody the relationship between the individual and the School of Nursing.

STEWARDSHIP is advocating and protecting resources trusted in our care through service and dedication.

ORGANIZATIONAL CITIZENSHIP is the supportive engagement of all faculty, staff and students as contributing members of the nursing school and health sciences center that advances our organizational success.

NURSING INNOVATION is the conversion of knowledge and ideas into meaningful work through creativity and entrepreneurship.

CARING encompasses our interest, concern, compassion and mentorship we demonstrate for patients, communities, and each other.

PROFESSIONALISM is accountability, responsibility, dependability, and commitment to excellence and ethical principles.

RESPECT is acknowledging and demonstrating dignity, responsiveness, courtesy, and consideration to others and ourselves.

INTEGRITY is acting with honesty, fairness, and sincerity in all endeavors in an ethical and professional manner.

DIVERSITY is fostering the potential of every individual through inclusivity, sensitivity, justice and cultural humility.

EXCELLENCE is striving to exceed the highest quality in an environment of collaboration, shared knowledge, innovation, scholarship and leadership.