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Resources for Preceptors

Preceptor Vignettes

NONPF is pleased to present brief video vignettes that may be useful in the orientation of preceptors of NP students. We thank Dr. Jane Kapustin for her vision of these vignettes and for coordinating the script development and taping of the vignettes. We also recognize the many contributions of Dr. Susan Corbridge in developing these vignettes, as well as the participation of faculty “actors.” Development of these vignettes was supported by a donation received from Walgreens Healthcare Clinics.

Precepting the Primary Care NP Student (5:58)
Watch NP faculty actors play the roles of the NP and preceptor in the primary care setting. Pick up tips on reasonable expectations for the student role.

Working with the Overly Confident NP Student (7:21)
This vignette offers preceptors strategies on how to recognize and work with the overly confident and confrontational NP student.

Working with the Overly Sensitive NP Student (9:18)
This vignette offers preceptors strategies on how to overcome the challenges of working with the overly sensitive NP student.

Useful Resources for Preceptors

The NONPF Web site includes various resources that may be useful to preceptors. The following are a sampling:

Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs - presents the national standards for evaluation of all NP educational programs.

NP Competencies- the NP core and population focus competencies that a NP student must demonstrate upon graduation.

Consensus Model for APRN Regulation - a nationally-recognized model for the regulation of the 4 APRN roles. Addresses changes needed for licensure, accreditation, certification, and education.

Primary Care and Acute Care Certified NPs - a statement that gives guidance on the distinctions in practice and educational preparation.

Nurse Practitioner Perspective on Education and Postgraduate Training - a multi-organizational statement about NP preparation.