Financial Aid Opportunity:
Doctor of Nursing Science Scholars Program

The purpose of the Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) Scholars program is to develop a community of DNS student-faculty scholars to collaborate in generation and dissemination of nursing science.

Eligibility to apply:
Students must have submitted their application to the DNS program (including having a Master’s degree in nursing) and be a resident of Louisiana.

DNS Scholars Program Student Requirements
DNS students must agree to the achievement of the following program outcomes:

  1. Participate in a DNS student-faculty mentoring relationship;
  2. Development of a DNS student scholar development plan, including at least the following outcomes:
    1. Submission of at least one manuscript for publication annually;
    2. Engagement in a research project with the faculty mentor; and
    3. Presentations at conferences.
  3. Achievement of the DNS student scholar development plan goals and objectives;
  4. Completion of the DNS required course work (excluding dissertation) in 4 years; and
  5. Attendance of at least one research focused state or national conference each year enrolled in academic course work (excluding dissertation phase) with the goal of presenting at a conference;

DNS Scholars Program Student Benefits
DNS students will receive the following benefits from participating in this program:

  1. One on one faculty mentoring in the scholar role;
  2. Participation in gratis educational scholarship enhancement lectures/presentations;
  3. Funding to attend one research focused state or national conference a year;
  4. Financial support to enroll in the DNS program.

Application Process

  1. Application submitted for the DNS program;
  2. Interview with Associate Dean for Nursing Research, Science, and Scholarship and potential  faculty mentor; and
  3. A letter of intent to be considered for the DNS Scholars Program.

Consequences of not meeting requirements or not completing the program:
Students who do not:

  • meet all annual and program requirements, OR
  • who do not complete the program and receive the DNS degree

will be required to pay some or all of the tuition funding back to the School of Nursing.