Post-Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice

The post-master’s DNP curriculum requires a minimum of 36 credits. Required practicum hours are individualized based on the number of hours completed in the master’s program. All students must complete a minimum requirement of 180 practicum hours (3 credit hours). Completion of the series of advanced nursing practicum courses provides the student with a minimum of 1000 hours of postbaccalaureate academic practice experience. Students may enroll in a full time or part-time program of study. Full time students will complete the program in four (4) semesters; part-time students may complete the program in seven (7) semesters. The maximum time to complete the program is eight (8) years. Each nursing role and population builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the Master’s degree and emphasize the utilization of theoretical formulations as a basis of nursing practice.

Post-master's DNP applicants seeking to change to a role or population different than their master's degree will be required to take course work and credit hours closer to the BSN to DNP curriculum.

For information regarding the post-masters DNP Program of Study, please contact:

Phone: 504-568-4113