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LSUHSC School of Nursing

Clinical Site Abbreviations

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AdolescentWlkIn Adolescent Walk In Clinic
AmDiabetesAssoc American Diabetes Association
AmericnRedCross American Red Cross
AmerNursServ American Nursing Services
AnnunciationInn Annunciation Inn
Arch NO Archdiocese of New Orleans
ARNO Addiction Resources of New Orleans
AssumptionRural Assumption Rural Health Clinic


Baptist Baptist Memorial
Baptist ICU Baptist Memorial ICU
Baptist LD Baptist Memorial LD
Baptist Nursery Baptist Memorial Nursery
BaptistPostpart Baptist Memorial Postpartum
BatonRouge LLC Baton Rouge LLC
BaynesJones OB Baynes Jones Army Community Hospital OB
BaynesJones OR Baynes Jones Army Community Hospital OR
BethlehemResPrg Bethlehem Residential Program
BogalusaMedCntr Bogalusa Medical Center
Bouchette Daniel Bouchette MD
BR Gen L&D Baton Rouge General L&D
BR Gen NICU Baton Rouge General NICU
BR General Baton Rouge General
BR Hospice Baton Rouge Hospice
BRBluebnMedsurg Baton Rouge General Hospital – Bluebonnet campus- Med surg
BRGenBluebonICU Baton Rouge General Hospital – Bluebonnet campus- ICU
BRGenMidcityICU Baton Rouge General Hospital - Midcity campuses – ICU
BRMidCtyMedsurg Baton Rouge General Hospital - Midcity campuses – Med surg


Cabrini Hosp Cabrini Hospital - Alex
Cabrini NICU Cabrini Hospital NICU
Camp Nursing Camp Nursing
Carousel Peds Carousel Pediatrics Clinic
CarrolltonHolly Carrollton Hollygrove Sr Ctr
CatholicChar Catholic Charities Archdiocese
Cerebral Palsy United Cerebal Palsy
ChabertMedCntr Chaubert Medical Center
ChalmetteRefin Chalmette Refinery
ChalmetteSenior Chalmette Senior Center
Charity OR Charity Hospital OR
Charity Partial Charity Partial Hospital Program
CharityLodTaylo Charity Lod and Taylor
CharityTents Charity “Spirit of Charity” tents
ChartersMS Charters Middle School
ChildHosp 4West Childrens Hospital 4 West
ChildHosp Flr 3 Childrens Hospital 3rd Floor
ChildHosp Flr 5 Childrens Hospital 5th Floor
ChildHosp Flr 6 Childrens Hospital 6th Floor
ChildrenHem-Onc Children’s Hospital Hem/Onc Clinic
Childrens NICU Childrens Hospital NICU
Childrens PICU Childrens Hospital PICU
ChildrensHosp Childrens Hospital
City of NO Hlth City of NO Health Department
Clinical Clinical Site
CollinsClinic Collins Clinic
ColumbusBaptist Columbus Baptists Memorial Hospital
CommonGround Common Ground
Corpus Christi Corpus Christi School
Covenant Covenant House
CPJ Residential CPJ Residential Home
CypressHospital Cypress Hospital


DaughtersOfChar Daughters of Charity Clinic
Delta Clinic Delta Clinic
DePaul Hosp DePaul Hospital
DePaulDayTrt EU DePaul Day Treatment - Epstein Unit
DeP-TulBHCLncr1 DePaul/Tulane Behavioral Health Cnt - Lancaster 1
DeP-TulBHCStn1 DePaul/Tulane Behavioral Health Center - Seton 1
DeP-TulBHCStn3 DePaul/Tulane Behavioral Health Center - Seton 3
DeP-TulBHCStn4 DePaul/Tulane Behavioral Health Center - Seton 4
Doctors Hosp Doctors Hospital of Jeffers
Drop-In Clinic Drop-In Clinic


Earl K Long ER Earl K. Long Medical Center ER
Earl K Long OB Earl K. Long Medical Center OB
Earl K Long OR Earl K. Long Medical Center OR
EarlKLong2South Earl K Long 2 South medical-surgical
EarlyIntervent Early Intervention Institute
Egan HealthCare Egan Healthcare
EJ Clinic East Jefferson Clinic
EJ General Hospital East Jefferson General Hospital
EJ Health Unit East Jefferson Parish Health Unit
EJ Home Care East Jefferson Home Care
EJ Hosp 2 East East Jefferson Hospital 2 East
EJ Hosp 4 East East Jefferson Hospital 4 East
EJ Hosp 5 West East Jefferson Hospital 5 West
EJ Hosp 6 East East Jefferson Hospital 6 East
EJ Hosp 6 West East Jefferson Hospital 6 West
EJ Hosp 7 East East Jefferson Hospital 7 East
EJ Hosp CCU East Jefferson Hospital CCU
EJ Hosp ER East Jefferson Hospital ER
EJ Hosp ICU East Jefferson Hospital ICU
EJ Hosp ONCO East Jefferson Hospital ONCO
EJ Hosp OR East Jefferson Hospital OR
EJ Hosp PACU East Jefferson Hospital PACU
EJ Hosp PICU East Jefferson Hospital PICU
EJ LD East Jefferson LD
EJ Psych Unit East Jefferson Hosp. - Psych. Unit 4th Fl.
EKL MedCntr Earl K. Long Medical Center
EKLMidCtyICUCCU Earl K. Long mid-city campus ICU/CCU


Family House Family House
ForBetterLife For a Better Life
ForestManor NH Forest Manor Nursing Home
Forrest General Forrest General Hospital
FreedmanCardio Freedman Memorial Cardiology
FriendEastBank Frienship Club-East Bank
FriendUptown Friendship Club Uptown-Audubon
FriendWestBank Friendship Club-Westbank


GatewayRecovery Gateway Recovery Systems
GirlingHlthCare Girling Health Care
Good Will Good Will
GreatExp Great Expectations
GulfCoast Gulf Coast Teaching Family School
GulfportMemHosp Gulfport Memorial Hospital


HattiesburgClin Hattiesburg Clinic
HC for Homeless Healthcare for the Homeless
Heritage Manor Heritage Manor
Holy Name Holy Name of Jesus School
HolyGhostSchool Holy Ghost School
HomelessClinic Homeless Clinic
HOP Clinic HIV Out-Patient Clinic
Hospice Hospice of Greater NO
HouseHolyFamily House of the Holy Family
HueyPLong Huey P. Long Medical Center
HutchinsonClinc Hutchinson Clinic


ImmacHeart Immaculate Heart of Mary
InterMedHammond Internal Medicine Clinics Hammond
IntrepidUSA HC Intrepid USA Home Care


JeffParHRSAC Jefferson Parish Health Resource Substance Abuse Clinic
JeffParish HSA Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority
JeffParPubSch Jefferson Parish Public School


KatherineBenson Katherine Benson Clinic
Keesler Keesler Air Force Base Hospital
KennerPhysician Kenner Physician Associates
KennerReg3rdOrt Kenner Regional, 3rd - Orthopedics
KennerRegional Kenner Regional Medical Center
Kingsley House Kingsley House


LA HomeCare NO LA Home Care New Orleans
Lafayette NICU Lafayette General NICU
LAHomeRecovery Louisiana Home Recovery
Lakeland Psych Lakeland Medical Center Psych
LakelandMedical Lakeland Medical Center
Lakeside Hosp Lakeside Hospital
Lakeside LD Lakeside Hospital L&D
LakesideMaternl Lakeside Hospital Maternal Child
LakesideNursery Lakeside Hospital Nursery
LakesidePostpar Lakeside Hospital Postpartum
Lakeview4thFlr Lakeview Regional 4th floor medical-surgical
LakeviewReg MC Lakeview Regional Medical Center
LallieKemp GYN Lallie Kemp Charity Hos GYN
LallieKempIndep LSU Lallie Kemp Medical Center, Indep., LA
LambethHouse Lambeth House
Legal Nursing Legal Nursing and Ponch. Liv C
LindyBoggs Lindy Boggs Medical Center
LionsPre-school Lion's Pre-school Union
LSUHSC Bogalusa LSUHSC Bogalusa Medical Center
LSUHSC ER LSUHSC Health Services (ER)
LSUHSC Eye Cntr LSUHSC Eye Center
LSUHSC Peds LSUHSC Pediatrics
LSUHSC Shrveprt LSU Health Sciences Center, Shreveport
LSUMC DeltaAIDS LSU Medical Center Delta AIDS Education
LSUStThomasClin LSU – St. Thomas Clinics
LutheranSocServ Lutheran Social Services


MacFarland MacFarland Institute
Marion Central Marion Central
MCLA Char DTX MCLA Charity Campus DTX
MCLA Char ER MCLA Charity Campus ER
MCLA Char ICU MCLA Charity Campus ICU
MCLA Char MICU MCLA Charity Campus MICU
MCLA Char OR MCLA Charity Campus OR
MCLA Char PreOp MCLA Charity Pre-Op
MCLA Char SICU MCLA Charity Campus SICU
MCLA Univ 5East MCLA University Campus 5 East
MCLA Univ 5West MCLA University Campus 5 West
MCLA Univ 8East MCLA University Campus 8 East
MCLA Univ MICU MCLA University Campus MICU
MCLA Univ PEDS MCLA University Campus PEDS
MCLA Univ PER MCLA University Campus PER
MCLA Univ SICU MCLA University Campus SICU
MCLACharPartial MCLA Charity Campus Partial Hospital Program
MCLAmbulatory MCL Ambulatory Clinic
MCLNO Medical Center of LA
MCLNO 6th Flr Medical Center of LA 6th Floor
MCLNO Childrens MCLNO Children's Clinic
MCLNO Elective MCLNO Elective Admissions
MCLNO Medicine MCLNO Medicine
MCLNO Nursery MCLNO Nursery
MCLNO OBGYN MCLNO Ob/Gyn clinics (2nd and 3rd floor)
MCLNO Peds MCLNO Pediatric Developmental Clinic
MCLNO Postpart MCLNO Postpartum
MCLNO W304 Medical Center of LA W304
MCLNO Ward 15 MCLNO Ward 15
MCLNOYourFamily MCLNO "Your Family MD Clinic"
MCNLO E304 Medical Center of LA E304
Meadowcrest Meadowcrest Hospital
Meadowcrest LD Meadowcrest Hospital LD
MeadowcrestNICU Meadowcrest Hospital NICU
Medcrest ICU Meadowcrest Hospital ICU
Medcrest Telem Meadowcrest Hospital Telemetry
MedicalOncology Medical Oncology, L.L.C.
MedTeam Inc Medical Team Inc.
Mem Gulfport Memorial Hospital of Gulfport
MemBaptist CCU Memorial-Baptist CCU
MemBaptist LD Memorial Baptist LD
MemBaptist SICU Memorial-Baptist SICU
MemBaptistInPat Memorial Baptist In-Patient
MemHomeHealth Memorial Home Health
MemMedCntr LD Memorial Medical Center LD
Memorial Memorial
Memorial NICU Memorial Hospital NICU
MemorialMercyER Memorial Medical Ctr-MERCY ER
MentalHealthSrv Mental Health Services / Clinic (Canal Blvd.)
Mercy Memorial Medical Ctr-MERCY
Mercy Hosp 2E Mercy Hospital 2E
Mercy Hosp 5 Mercy Hospital 5
Merrill Hines Merrill Hines Outpatient Center
Met Sub Abuse Metairie Substance Abuse Ctr
Meth Hosp 2N Methodist Hospital 2N
Meth Hosp ICU Methodist Hospital ICU
Meth Hosp LD Methodist Hospital LD
Meth Viet Serv Methodist Vietnamese Services
Methodist 2S Methodist 2S
Methodist ER Methodist Hospital ER
Methodist Hosp Methodist Hospital
Methodist Psyc Methodist Psychiatric Pavili
MidCityHomeCare Mid City Memorial Home Care
Morgan School Morgan School
Moss General LC Moss General (Lake Charles)
Mount Carmel Mount Carmel Academy


NeighPart Neighborhood Health Partnership
NeighPregCare Neighborhood Pregnancy Care & Family Planning
New Freedom Inc New Freedom Inc.
NO DeptHomeless New Orleans Department Homeless Clinic
NO Mission NO Mission
NOCCA NO Center for Creative Arts
NOCMS NO Charter Middle School
NOCOA NO Council on Aging
NOHealthDepart New Orleans Health Department
NOPS NO Public School Board
North Oaks North Oaks Urgent Care
Northshore Reg Northshore Regional Hospital
NorthshoreMater Northshore Regional Medical Center – Maternal Child
NorthshoreOrtho Northshore Orthopedics
NorthshorePsych Northshore Psychiatric Hospital
Northside High Northside High School Health Center
NorthStClinic North Street Clinic
NOSubAbuse NO Substance Abuse Clinic
Nunez Community Nunez Community College


Ochsner 9th Flr Ochsner Hospital 9th Floor
Ochsner Algiers Ochsner Clinic - Algiers
Ochsner BR Ochsner Clinic - Baton Rouge
Ochsner CCU Ochsner Hospital CCU
Ochsner DOSC Ochsner DOSC
Ochsner ER Ochsner Hospital ER
Ochsner Flr 10 Ochsner Hospital 10th Floor
Ochsner Flr 11 Ochsner Hospital 11th Floor
Ochsner ICU Ochsner Hospital ICU
Ochsner LD Ochsner Hosptial LD
Ochsner MedCntr Ochsner Medical Center
Ochsner MedSurg Ochsner Short Stay Med-Surg
Ochsner Merrill Ochsner Merrill Hines
Ochsner NICU Ochsner Hospital NICU
Ochsner NO Ochsner Clinic - New Orleans
Ochsner OBGYN Ochsner OB/GYN Clinic
Ochsner OR Ochsner OR
Ochsner PACU Ochsner PACU
Ochsner PEDS Ochsner PEDS
Ochsner PICU Ochsner Hospital PICU
Ochsner Pre-op Ochsner Pre-op
Ochsner Pulmo Ochsner Pulmonary Clinic
Ochsner TCU Ochsner TCU
Ochsner TRAN Ochsner TRAN
OchsnerCovingtn Ochsner Clinic - Covington Diagnostic Specialties
OchsnerMaternal Ochsner Maternal Child
OchsnerMothBaby Ochsner Mother-Baby
OchsnerPsychO-P Ochsner Psych Out-Patient
OchsnerTelemtry Ochsner Telemetry
OchsnerTranspla Ochsner Foundation Transplant
OchsnerTSU Ochsner TSU
Odyssey House Odyssey House Family Center
OfficePubHealth Office of Public Health Regional
OfficePubMayor Office of Public Health - Mayors Office
OpelousasMedCtr Opelousas Medical Center
OrleansWomenCln Orleans Women's Clinic
OurLadyLke1Nrth Our Lady of the Lake, 1 North
OurLadyLke4East Our Lady of the Lake, 4 East
OurLadyLkeNeigh Our Lady of the Lake Neighborhood Clinic
OurLadyLourdes Our Lady of Lourdes
OurLadyOfLake Our Lady of the Lake Med Ctr
OurLadySuccor Our Lady of Prompt Succor School(Chalmette)
OutofState Out of State
Overton Brooks Overton Brooks VAMC


Parish Nursing Parish Nursing
PartHosPsychPrg Partial Hosp. Psych. Program
Pathways Pathways
Pelican State Pelican State Outpatient Ct
Pendleton Pendleton Memorial Methodist
People Program People Program
PerezBetancourt Perez-Betancourt Medical Clinic
Phases Partial Phases Partial Hospitalization
Phys Hosp NO Physicians Hospital of NO
PlannedParenthd Planned Parenthood of LA
PLC Home Health PLC Home Health
PoydrasSocialSc Poydras Street Social Security Office
PrefHomeRecovry Preferred Home Recovery
PrenatalClncLaf Prenatal Clinic (Lafayette)
PreSchoolVision PreSchool Vision


RedeemerSeton Redeemer Seton
RediCare HH Redi Care Home Health
RegencyHospital Regency Hospital
RenalCareGroup Renal Care Group
Responsibility Responsibility House
RiverOaks Hosp River Oaks Hospital
RiverParishes River Parishes Hospital, LaPlace
RiverviewMedCtr Riverview Medical Center
Riverwest Riverwest
Rush Rush
RvrOaks O-P Prg River Oaks Hospital - Outpatient/Partial Program
RvrOaksHos Adlt River Oaks Hosp. - Adult Psych. Bld. 6
RvrOaksHos Dual River Oaks Hosp. - Dual Diagnosis Bld. 7
RvrOaksHosChild River Oaks Hosp. – Child/Adolescent


SeniorCitiznCnr Senior Citizen Center
SerenityHospice Serenity Hospice
Slidell ER Slidell ER
Sojourner Truth Sojourner Truth Community Center
SoMiss HH S. Mississippi Home Health
SouthCentReg South Central Regional Med Ctr
StAlphonsusSch St Alphonsus School
StancolaMedical Stancola Medical Center
StBernard HU St. Bernard Parish Health Unt
StBernardHigh St. Bernard High School
StCharGenHosp St. Charles General HOSPITAL
StCharHomeCare St. Charles HOME CARE
StDavidSchool St. David School
StElizabethHosp St. Elizabeth's Hospital
StJoanOfArcSch St. Joan of Arc School
StJudeMemphis St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
StLeoSchool St. Leo the Great School
StMaryAcademy St. Mary's Academy
StMaryofAngels St. Mary of the Angels
STOP MCLATrauma S.T.O.P. - MCLA Trauma Program
StPaulApostSch St. Paul the Apostle School
StPeterClaver St. Peter Claver
StRaymondSchool St. Raymond School
StRitaSchool St. Rita School
Strive Center Strive Center
StStephenSchool St. Stephen School
StTammany Hosp St. Tammany Hospital
StTammanyHspMCS St. Tammany Hospital - Maternal Child Services
StTamParHosp St. Tammy Parish Hospital
Suleman Mohamad Suleman MD
SwesternMedCntr Southwestern Medical Center, Lafayette


TeensNotGoneWld Teens Not Gone Wild
Terrebonne Terrebonne General Hospital Clinics
ThibodauxReg MC Thibodaux Regional Med Ctr
Touro Geri R3 Touro Geriatric R3
Touro HomeCare Touro HOME CARE
Touro Hosp A2 Touro Hospital A2
Touro Hosp T6 Touro HOSPITAL T-6
Touro Hosp T8 Touro HOSPITAL T-8
Touro Hosp TELE Touro Hospital TELEMETRY
Touro Hospital Touro HOSPITAL
Touro Infirmary Touro Infirmary
Touro LD Touro L&D
Touro Nursery Touro Nursery
Touro Postpart Touro Postpartum
Touro Prenatal Touro Prenatal Clinic
TouroAdultDay Touro Adult Day Program
TouroInfirm M8 Touro Infirmary - M8
TouroInfirm R5 Touro Infirmary - R5
TouroInfirmICU Touro Infirmary ICU
TouroPartGumble Touro Partial Hospital - Gumble
Tulane 6th Flr Tulane Hospital 6th Floor
Tulane Cancer Tulane Cancer Center
Tulane Hosp 5C Tulane Hospital 5C
Tulane Hosp 7E Tulane Hospital 7East
Tulane ICU Tulane Medical Center ICU
Tulane NICU Tulane NICU
Tulane OR Tulane OR
Tulane PICU Tulane PICU
Tulane Pulmo Tulane Pulmonary Clinic
Tulane SICU Tulane SICU
Tulane UnivHosp Tulane Univ Hospital
TulaneMedCenter Tulane Medical Center


Univ Fast Track University Hospital Fast Track
Univ HomeCare University Home Care
Univ Hosp 5E University HOSPITAL 5E
Univ Hosp 5West University HOSPITAL 5 WEST
Univ Hosp 8E University HOSPITAL 8E
Univ Hosp ICU University Hospital ICU
Univ Hosp OR University Hospital OR
Univ Hosp PACU University Hospital PACU
Univ Hosp Peds University Hospital Pediatrics
Univ PICU University - PICU
University PER University - PER
UniversityHosp University Hospital
UnivMedCntr University Medical Center, Lafayette
UnivMSJackson University of Mississippi Medical Center of Jackson
UNO University of New Orleans
UptownShepard Uptown Shepard Center


VA Ambulatory Veterans Admin Ambulatory Mental Health Services
VA Clinics Veterans Admin Clinics
VA ClinicsPsych Veterans Admin Clinics Psych Out-Patient
VA Hospital Veterans Admin HOSPITAL
VA Hospital ER Veterans Admin HOSPITAL ER
VA Hospital ICU Veterans Admin HOSPITAL ICU
VA HospitalSICU Veterans Admin HOSPITAL SICU
VAMC Hem-Onc VAMC Hem/Onc Clinic
VAMC Outpatient VAMC Outpatient Clinics
VAMCPrimeClinic VAMC Prime Clinic
Velocity Velocity
VencorHosp NO Vencor Hospital-New Orleans
VisitNurAssoc Visiting Nurses Assoc (HealthLink)


Warren-Tay FNP Mary Warren-Taylor FNP
Westbank MedCnt Westbank Medical Center
Wetmore Clinic Wetmore Clinic
WJ BehMedCntr West Jefferson Behavioral Medical Center
WJ ER West Jefferson ER
WJ HomeCare West Jefferson Home Care
WJ Hosp 6 South West Jefferson Hospital 6 South
WJ Hosp CCU West Jefferson Hospital CCU
WJ Hosp ICU West Jefferson Hospital ICU
WJ Hosp NICU West Jefferson Hospital NICU
WJ Hosp NUR West Jefferson Hospital NUR
WJ Hosp OR West Jefferson Hospital OR
WJ Hosp PER West Jefferson Hospital PER
WJ Hosp PICU West Jefferson Hospital PICU
WJ Outpatient West Jefferson Outpatient
WJHosp4thFloor West Jefferson Hospital 4th Floor
WJMedSurg3rdFlr West Jefferson Hospital – Med/surg 3rd floor
WJMedSurg6thFlr West Jefferson Hospital – Med/surg 6th floor
WomenChildHosp Womens and Childrens Hospital Lafayette
WomenHospUniv Women's Hospital University
Womens Hosp BR Women's Hospital Baton Rouge
WomensHospL&D Women’s Hospital - L&D
WomensHospNICU Women's Hospital –NICU
WorksiteHealth Worksite Health

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