Career Alternative RN Education (CARE)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program for Students with Degrees

The faculty of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center offers the Career Alternative RN Education (CARE) program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. This program is designed for individuals who have earned a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in any field and who would like to become a nurse.

The program admits students in the fall each year. Class size is limited and admission is very competitive. This program of study is for two-years. Our CARE BSN degree program will prepare you for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam and a professional nursing career.

A student must have earned a Bachelor’s Degree from any accredited college or university to fulfill the required pre-nursing courses.

For information regarding the CARE Program of Study, please contact:

Katherine Deering, DNP, RN, CPN, CNE
Program Director for CARE Program

New Admission Criteria & Curriculum for the Accelerated CARE Programs beginning Fall 2019:
Developmental Psychology will be added as a pre-requisite course.  A total of 43 pre-requisite hours are needed. Visit the Accelerated CARE BSN Admission Criteria page for more information.