Starfish Early Alert - Getting Started Guide

Why Starfish Early Alert?

Starfish Early Alert provides students an opportunity to solicit help when needed.

Students can schedule online appointments with their faculty advisor, instructors, the Academic Success Coordinator, Financial Aid, and other campus resources available through Starfish.

Students can receive notifications from their instructors, advisors, and staff members through emails in Starfish.

Students can also communicate with members of faculty and staff who are in their Student Success Network.

Students have access to a list of campus resources listed on the Resource page in Starfish.

How do I access Starfish Early Alert?

You can access Starfish Early Alert through Moodle or directly from the Starfish web page located on the School of Nursing’s home page under the Current Students tab.

Who has permission to view flags raised in Starfish?

Your right to privacy is important to us. Therefore, only the student, the flag raiser, and members in the student’s success network, granted viewing permissions, will have the ability to view flags raised on a student.

Note, Starfish Early Alert is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA).

What is a Student Success Network?

Your Student Success Network consist of members of faculty and staff who will work closely with you to ensure your success as you matriculate through the nursing program. Individuals must have a semester based relationship with you during a semester (e.g. instructor, faculty advisor, or administrator) to be a part of your success network. Therefore, your Success Network may change each semester.

How do I set up my Starfish profile?

Simply click on the Student Getting Started link for instructions on how to set-up your Starfish Profile.

Student Getting Started Guide