Candidates for Degrees – December 2022

Calendar of Events

December 2022 Pre-Commencement and Award Ceremony
Graduation and Awards Ceremony : Thursday, December 8, 2022 @ 10:00 a.m.
Place: Frederick J Sigur Civic Center
8245 W Judge Perez Drive
Chalmette, LA 70043
Rehearsal & Reception: Wednesday, December 7, 2022 @ 1:00 p.m.
Reception Immediately Following Rehearsal
Place:   Human Development Center
411 S. Prieur St.
New Orleans, LA 70112

Graduation candidates must arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. the morning of the Graduation and Awards Ceremony.

Students will be notified as soon as possible of any changes.

Admission and seating for the Graduation and Awards Ceremony is on a first come first serve basis. Handicap seating is available; please notify the Civic Center staff at arrival.

Admission is free. No tickets are required.


August 31, 2022 - Last date to submit name change/potential name change form (Form only) and corrections (capitalizations, accents, middle name, suffix, etc.) to the Registrar’s Office.

October 16, 2022 The Academic Regalia must be ordered through the LSUHSC Bookstore. Students may order regalia online: Students will enter their Student ID number then select their degree. Your name, height and weight will be requested. All steps must be completed for ordering.

Regalia may be picked up at the LSUHSC Bookstore Monday, November 21, 2022.

The cap and gown must be degree appropriate, e.g. Bachelor/Masters/Doctoral gown with the LSUHSC degree appropriate hoods with Apricot (Nursing) trim. Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS), and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing candidate will wear a tam and gown with the apricot chevrons.

November 18, 2022 - Purchasing a BSN Nursing Pin is optional. If purchasing a pin, student must do so through the LSUHSC Bookstore.

November 24, 2022
Course and program evaluations due.

Any student that received federal student loans is required to complete the Financial Aid Exit Interview. Completion of end of semester course evaluations, surveys. Service Blocks: Payment of all financial indebtedness to the LSU System prior to commencement is a degree requirement.

Verification documents are due for name changes/potential name change submitted in August to the Registrar’s Office. Last day for students to update their mailing and personal email addresses in self-service.

December 8, 2022 – Conferral Date.

Special Request for Diploma Presentation

Students must submit an official, written request to the Dean of the School of Nursing, Dr. Demetrius Porche, to have someone other than the Dean present diplomas. Considerations are given for a family member employed as a LSUHSC full-time faculty or an elected official. The request must include: student name, name of presenter, relationship, and LSUHSC affiliation. All written requests must be submitted to Dr. Porche by November 1, 2022.

Pinning Request

BSN students have the opportunity to purchase a BSN Nursing Pin. Purchasing a Pin is optional.

The LSUHSC SON pin was developed in 1958 to identify the graduates of this program with both the University and the broad service area to which these graduates would contribute as professional nurses. The caduceus embedded in the floor of the lobby of the oldest building in the Louisiana State University Medical Center provided the central ides for the design of the pin. This Assyria-Babylonian symbol represents the Greek God Hermes, who is credited by historians with performing medical functions; it consists of a wand entwined with two serpents and bordered by two griffins. A band enriches the replica of Hermes’ caduceus on which the name of the University and the abbreviation for the degrees, BSN, is represented in raised Gothic letters.

Wearing the nursing pin is a source of pride; it symbolizes the right to serve others, acceptance of the responsibilities of the practice of Nursing, and the educational preparation of the wearer as graduates of this program. Pinning is a rite of passage that signals the transition of the student nurse to the professional nurse.

If purchasing a pin, the student must do so through the LSUHSC Bookstore by November 18, 2022. The pin will be picked up from the bookstore by the Office of Student Affairs and will be taken to the venue for the ceremony. The student will be given the pin when lined up to walk on stage. The student will be pinned by the Program Director.

The BSN student may have a family pin them on stage during the ceremony. The student must submit a written request to be pinned by a family member. The family member must be a Registered Nurse and a graduate from the LSUHNO School of Nursing. The Office of Student Affairs will follow up with the student to confirm the request has been approved or denied. The student must order a BSN Nursing Pin to request to be pinned during the ceremony.

The Pinning Request form must be filled out by November 18, 2022.

Request Not to Participate

Students must submit an official, written request to the Dean of the School of Nursing, Dr. Demetrius Porche, to be excused from participating in Graduation. The request must include the reason for not participating.

Commencement Announcement Options

  1. Graduation Announcements may be ordered through Herff Jones: Students will need to type Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center into the search box to locate the school, then select degree and input name, etc.
  2. Blank Commencement announcements, with the official Health Sciences Center seal, may be purchased from the LSUHSC Bookstore.

Diploma Frames and Gift Items

Diploma frames are available for purchase in the LSUHSC Bookstore.

Commencement Dates

Information as published in the General Section of the most recent LSUHSC-NO Academic Catalog/Bulletin beginning in 2006, a single commencement ceremony, honoring candidates for degrees of the respective professional schools of the LSU Health Sciences Center, will be held each academic year. Payment of all financial indebtedness to the LSU System prior to commencement, as well as attendance at commencement, unless excused, in writing by the student’s Dean, is a degree requirement.*

Thursday, May 18, 2023, 10:00am
Thursday, May 16, 2024, 10:00am
Thursday, May 15, 2025, 10:00am

Students completing academic requirements during a semester in which commencement ceremony is not held will have their degrees conferred at the end of the academic term. Conferral dates will generally be the second Thursday in December.*

Thursday, December 14, 2023
Thursday, December 12, 2024
Thursday, December 11, 2025

*Additional School of Nursing requirements include: completion of all end of course evaluations, Skyfactor’s Benchworks exit survey (formerly known as EBI), must attend rehearsal and awards ceremony. Additional information is listed in the Nursing section of the LSUHSC-NO Academic Catalog/Bulletin.