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Navigate is a student-centered mobile app that provides students with the support that they need, where they need it—on their phones. Through its individualized, student-centered, on-demand information for students, Navigate empowers students with the information that will keep them on a path toward graduation, including up to date information on key dates, easy access to campus resources (both academic and student life), and the ability to directly schedule advising appointments.

Navigate provides these specific benefits:

  • Defined paths to college success. Based on students’ own interests, majors, and pathways, Navigate curates the overwhelming amount of information necessary to navigate the college experience. It helps students by dividing these complex requirements into digestible steps that focus on what’s next rather drowning students in information.
  • Ongoing responsive guidance. Since students often lack the necessary context to make the best choices for their academic progress, Navigate sends students proactive messages to help them make thoughtful decisions. The platform uses plain language to present students with the available resources which encourages students to act. Messages are personalized, relevant, and timely to cut through information clutter.
  • Automated interventions. Students often face risks, whether from low academic performance, financial issues, or from poor life balance, and both students and their advisors often miss obstacles until it’s too late. Triggered by real time data on a student’s progress, Navigate automatically alerts students to emerging problems and presents commonsense resolutions. If students fail to act, Navigate can escalate the challenge to the students’ advisors as needed.