Application Information

Deadline for Fall 2019 Application: January 15, 2019, 10:00 p.m. CST

The School of Nursing at LSU Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) participates in a Centralized Application Service for Nursing Programs (NursingCAS). Applicants applying to the Career Alternative RN Education (CARE) BSN program will apply online using the NursingCAS application. To learn more about the NursingCAS application process, please visit the NursingCAS web site at

The CARE program admits students in the fall each year. The fall semester application deadline is January 15th. Class size is limited and admission is very competitive. Please refer to the Admission Criteria page for further information about qualifications and requirements. Here are a few pointers to ensure a successful application:

  1. Application Form

    Please visit the NursingCAS website at to fill out the online NursingCAS application. Search for LSU Health Sciences Center School of Nursing in New Orleans, LA. If an applicant has any concerns about the on-line application and need technology support, please contact the NursingCAS support staff by email or phone 617-612-2880.

    Once submitted and NursingCAS has validated all coursework, LSU School of Nursing’s process timeline is 3-4 weeks.

  2. Transcripts

    Official transcripts from a regionally accredited college or university must be submitted to NursingCAS.  LSU School of Nursing will not accept any official transcripts.  NursingCAS’ process to validate coursework takes 3-4 weeks once official transcripts are received.  As long as the applicant has submitted the application by the deadline, the application will continue to be processed.  LSU School of Nursing encourages applicants to submit the application and official transcripts to NursingCAS at least three weeks prior to the deadline to ensure timely processing.  Submitting an application within three weeks of the deadline may delay the processing of the application.  The application will not be processed until NursingCAS has validated all coursework. An applicant can check the application status through the NursingCAS system.

    All undergraduate coursework needs to be inputted within NursingCAS.  If the applicant received pass credit (PC) for undergraduate coursework, “PC” needs to be inputted for the grade. LSU Health New Orleans - School of Nursing will recognize up to a combined nine (9) hours Accelerated Program (AP) and CLEP coursework. Official AP and/or CLEP transcript must be sent to the School of Nursing.  Nine (9) hours of advanced standing credit will be recognized if earned from the college/university.

    Send AP official transcript(s) directly to:

    LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing
    The Office of Student Services/Affairs
    1900 Gravier Street, Room 321
    New Orleans, LA 70112

All transcripts from programs outside of the United States must be evaluated by an accredited credentialing evaluation service. LSU Health School of Nursing recommends the following resources:


World Education Services    Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
212-966-6311    412-389-3411

*LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing has adopted Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge (LSUBR) AP criteria: Advanced Placement Criteria

*LSUBR Tiger Transfer Table will reflect any course that has been evaluated by LSU faculty:

*Email the Office of Student Services/Affairs if a school is not listed on the Tiger Transfer Table:

  • Endorsement Forms

    One academic and one professional endorsement must be submitted at the time of application. The applicant will have an opportunity to input endorsee information within NursingCAS References section. Once the electronic information is saved within NursingCAS, an email request will automatically be sent to the endorsee on your behalf. Please advise your endorsee to look for the email from NursingCAS in their inbox, as well as their spam or junk-mail folder, as emails do occasionally get filtered out.

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Scores

    A minimum score of 550 (paper-based) or 79-80 (internet-based) for all applicants who have English as a second language or who are not graduates of programs in the United States.

    Input TOEFL scores within NursingCAS application. 

  • Economic and Educational Disadvantaged Status Survey

    LSU School of Nursing receives grants administered by HRSA.  The Economic and Educational Disadvantaged Status Survey contains information required by HRSA in order for LSU School of Nursing to remain compliant in our mandatory performance indicator reporting. Information from School of Nursing’s current students and applicants is needed. The information will be kept confidential. A unique identifier will be assigned to each individual in order that individual-level data is not linked in the HRSA report.  All other data is reported in aggregate form.

    A completed Economic and Education Disadvantaged Status Form must be submitted. Please click here to complete the survey.

  • Interview and Written Statement

    Only qualified applicants meeting all admission criteria will be invited to submit an on-line interview.

    A proctored essay will be administered at the School of Nursing. The applicant will be given 30 minutes to write about a topic. The dates for the proctored essay will be posted during the application period.

    The on-line interview process and the proctored essay registration to visit the School of Nursing will be forthcoming.

  • Application Fee

    A required $50.00 LSU School of Nursing application fee is required at the time of application submittal. The applicant will receive a follow-up email from the LSU School of Nursing Office of Student Services/Affairs with further directions on submitting LSU School of Nursing application fee.