Computer Support

Local Helpdesk: 504-568-4116 (M-F, 7:30am-4:00pm)
New Orleans Campus Helpdesk: 504-568-HELP (afterhours and weekends)
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LSUHSC School of Nursing, Computer Supporters

Marco Sosa

Marco Sosa, BS, IT Project Coordinator
Phone: 504-568-4171
Office: Room 4A10

Ronald Avila

Ronald Avila, BA, IT Analyst
Phone: 504-568-5196
Office: Room 350

Karl Jackson

Karl Jackson, BS, IT Analyst
Phone: 504-568-4116
Office: Room 309

Marilyn Viverito

Marilyn Viverito, BS, IT Analyst
Phone: 504-568-4130
Office: Room 164