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Nurse Practitioner (NP)

Welcome to the only Nurse Practitioner Program within a Health Sciences Center in Louisiana. Our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program offers seven NP population-focused concentrations and three elective Advanced Practice Nursing Advanced Specialties.

DNP plans of study with NP focused concentrations are offered via different admission pathways. Each pathway considers the applicant's highest degree earned.

Choose a Pathway:
I earned a BSN degree

BSN-DNP Concentrations

Dual Concentrations

Advanced Specialties

Note: The BSN-to-DNP pathway for NP concentrations are each nine semesters in length and are designed to build upon the BSN curriculum. The curriculum integrates DNP competencies throught each course while devloping the RN with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to engage in autonomous NP practice within selected population-focused concentrations.

I earned a MSN/MN degree

Post-Masters-DNP in the same role and population as master's degree and current certification

Post-Masters-DNP to add a new APRN role or population to current certification

Advanced Specialties

Note: Applicants who have earned a Master's degree without an APRN concentration (e.g. clinical nurse leader, healthcare management, nursing education) should apply via the BSN-DNP pathway.


Leanne Fowler
Leanne H. Fowler, DNP, AGACNP-BC
Director, Nurse Practitioner Program