School of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing


  1. Apply evidence-based knowledge and theories to stimulate research in the areas of nursing education or nursing leadership.

  2. Advocate for and influence the development of nursing practice in the areas of health policy, organization and financing of healthcare.

  3. Utilize ethical principles and demonstrate accountability in the areas of nursing education and nursing leadership.

  4. Provide culturally competent individualized healthcare to groups and populations.

  5. Incorporate health promotion and disease prevention theories and research in empowering patient/clients as individuals, families and communities, to optimize their health status across the life span.

  6. Provide leadership in patient care and in healthcare systems in the role of nurse educator or clinical nurse leader.

  7. Apply critical thinking skills, self-awareness, interpersonal and leadership skills and the utilization of evidence-based practice to achieve a successful transition to the role of a masters prepared nurse.