*Note: DNP Core Courses are held on Monday through Saturday a minimum of six (6) times during a semester. Students’ practicum experiences may occur weekdays, weekends, including evening and night shifts.

Plans of study for Post-Master’s students and those desiring to go Part-time will be customized on a case-by-case basis in an effort to best meet the academic needs of the student.

Full-Time Curriculum Plan for Post-Masters DNP
(36-51 Total Semester Credits)

First Year - Fall (14 Credits) First Year - Spring (4-9 Credits) First Year - Summer (11-16 Credits)
BIOS 6100 Biostatistical Methods I (4)
NURS 7101 Theoretical and Philosophical Foundations of Nursing Science (3)
NURS 7109 Health Outcomes: Information Systems, Measurement, Analysis, and Management (3)
NURS 7481 Evidence Based Practice for Advanced Nursing Practice (4)
NURS 7110 Scholarly Project I: Project Development (3)
NURS 7021 Advanced Nursing Practicum I (1-6)
NURS 7120 Scholarly Project II: Implementation (3)
NURS 7022 Advanced Nursing Practicum II (1-6)
NURS 6324 Introduction to Epidemiology (3)
NURS 7103 Organization and Systems Leadership (4)
Second Year - Fall (7-12 Credits)
NURS 7130 Scholarly Project III: Evaluation & Dissemination (3)
NURS 7023 Advanced Nursing Practicum III (1-6)
NURS 7306 Health Policy and Politics (3)

*Required clinical practicum hours are individualized based on the number of hours completed in the master’s program.  All students must complete a minimum requirement of 180 clinical hours (3 credits).  Completion of the series of advanced nursing practicum courses will provide the student with a minimum of 1000 hours of post-baccalaureate academic practice experience.