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Course Cost

Course Cost: $200.00 per module ($2000.00 total if paid per module)

Modules 1-5: $950.00
Modules 6-10: $950.00

FULL COURSE PAID in ADVANCE $1800.00 (Modules 1-10)

PLEASE complete the following Registration Form below at your earliest convenience.

Course Fees payable by Credit Card (a service fee will be added) or Check:

To pay by Credit Card:
Please click this link: Credit Card Payment
You will be directed to an offsite link (Eventbrite).

To pay by check:
Make check payable to: LSUHNO School of Nursing.
Send payment to:
LSUHSC School of Nursing, Nursing Continuing Professional Development,
1900 Gravier Street, New Orleans, LA 70112-2262

Registration Form

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Brief work experience as a RN (Include years of experience):

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Personal Statement: Write a personal statement identifying your goal(s) and assets for completing a LNC program.