School of Nursing

Nursing Skills and Technology Center/Simulation Center

Simulation Labs

Simulation labs in NSTC provide the following opportunities:

  • Realism of simulation experience
  • State of the art high fidelity simulation technology
  • Risk-free, error-forgiving safe and supportive learning enviarment such as critical care, acute care, labor and delivery, operating room settings

Simulation technology can create common and unique patient scenarios.

  • Monitors show physiologic changes according to patient condition changes in real life.
  • Simulation training offers unique and powerful opportunities in following learning essentials: communication, teamwork, care, case management, leadership, patient safety, confidence and excellence.

Simulation-based nursing education provides a controlled simulation enviarment to imitate a real-life patient care setting: full-sized HPS patient manikins, task trainers, diagnostic equipment. Through simulation, learners can practice and master nursing skills without putting patients at risk.