School of Nursing



  1. Synthesize knowledge from the sciences and humanities in professional nursing practice.

  2. Integrate the core values into interactions with patients/ clients, colleagues, other professionals, and the public.

  3. Integrate the knowledge and skills required in health promotion, risk prevention, prevention of illness and disease, and illness management in providing professional nursing care to individuals, families, population groups, and communities.

  4. Develop essential skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to function as a professional nurse.

  5. Formulate knowledge of information technologies, healthcare technologies, ethics, human diversity, global healthcare, and healthcare systems and policy in providing nursing care.

  6. Assist the patient/client through the healthcare system integrating the skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, negotiation, delegation, coordination, and evaluation of interdisciplinary work and the application of outcome-based practice models.

  7. As life-long learners, design a plan for professional development in response to trends and issues in healthcare, changing nursing roles, and the impact of these on patients/ clients.