School of Nursing

Clinical Nurse Educator Academy

Grant Stipend Request

Clinical Nurse Educator Academy participants who are licensed to practice nursing in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, or Oklahoma (Health and Human Services [HHS] region 6) are qualified to receive grant stipends as funds allow. Grant stipends are provided to incentivize nurses to become clinical faculty with Schools of Nursing in HHS region 6 states and/or Preceptors for health care agencies in rural or medically underserved areas of HHS region 6 states.


Upon completion of the CNE Academy program and final evaluation, please review the stipend eligibility criteria below. If you meet the criteria, please click the respective link below to submit the required documentation for verification and enrollment into the grant. Upon verification, you will qualify for the respective stipends below as funds allow per grant year.

Stipend 1 Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Final NCPD certificate indicating completion of the Clinical Nurse Educator Academy
  2. Unrestricted nursing license in at least 1 of the HHS region 6 states (Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma)
  3. Verification of nursing practice within the HHS region 6 states (link to template - download to computer, fill out, and upload at the link below)
  4. Submission of a signed W-9 (link to form - download to computer, fill out, and upload at the link below)

Stipend 1 submission

Stipend 2 Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Stipend 1 eligibility criteria is required and will be verified from your initial submission.
  2. Certification card for the National League of Nursing's CNE-cl examination
  3. Verification of clinical faculty effort of at least 50%, or verification of hours as a Preceptor from a School of Nursing for at least 300 hours per year (link to template - download to computer, fill out, and upload at the link below).

Stipend 2 Submission

Stipend Disbursement Information:

Participants should submit the documents for stipend eligibility verification via the submission link.
Stipends will be processed biweekly (1st and 3rd weeks of the month) and reimbursement will be received within 30 days.