School of Nursing

Continuing Nursing Education

ANCC Accreditation Feedback Line


The Accreditation Program of the American Nurses Credentialing Center is interested in the opinions and perspectives of the participants in accredited continuing nursing education activities, particularly those perspectives related to the presence of perceived bias* in the continuing education. For this reason, we are now providing a toll free telephone number.

Participants may access this number at any time to:

  • tell us of any noted bias or conflict of interest in the education
  • tell us of any concerns, compliments, or opinions
  • tell us of a great experience
  • tell us of an unpleasant experience
  • tell us your thoughts on the process

Just call and tell us!

*Bias is defined as: preferential influence that causes a distortion of opinion or of facts. Commercial bias may occur when an educational activity promotes one or more product(s) (drugs, devices, services, software, hardware etc.) This definition is not all inclusive and participants may use their own interpretation in deciding if a presentation is biased.

NOTE: Statements of commercial support and /or conflict of interest disclosures do not represent bias. Such statements inform the learner that the provider has implemented a mechanism to identify and resolve all conflicts of interest prior to delivery of the educational material.