School of Nursing


Graduate Student Nurse Research Opportunities

  1. HRSA/Nurse Anesthetist Traineeships, Dr. Laura Bonanno, PD: Meet the Needs of Licensed Registered Nurses Seeking Graduate Nursing Education in Anesthesia
  2. HRSA/Nurse Faculty Loan Program, Dr. Deborah Garbee, PI: Increase the Number of Prepared Nursing Faculty in our Region
  3. HRSA/BHWET Program, Dr. Leanne Fowler, PD: Building a Behavioral Health Workforce Through Integrated Care: Training NP Students to Fill the Gap
  4. HRSA/ Advanced Nursing Education Workforce, Dr. Sherry Rivera, PD: Increasing a Diverse Nursing Workforce of Primary Care Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives to Improve Primary Care, Mental Health, and Maternal Health Inequities