School of Nursing


Undergraduate Student Nurse Research Opportunities

The Mentoring Undergraduate Students for Excellence in Scholarship (MUSES) Program's mission is to promote the undergraduate student's intellectual, professional, and personal development by providing scholarly guidance in an area of nursing specific to their scholarly interest, challenging the student to grow to their fullest potential. The MUSES Program accomplishes this mission by mentoring the students to (a) discover new knowledge and original insights that add to nursing's body of knowledge, (b) apply existing knowledge to the practical solutions to problems, (c) integrate existing knowledge in nursing with that of another disciplines and, (d) develop new and improved means for describing, understanding, and presenting existing knowledge in order to increase dissemination.

The MUSES Program students work closely with an identified MUSES Faculty Mentor (MFM) to develop and implement a research or evidence-based practice project during the course of their MUSES tenure as an undergraduate student. In addition to the outcomes of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at LSUHNO- SON, the MUSES Program will:

  • Develop supportive and encouraging relationships between faculty and student,
  • Guide undergraduate nursing students in their professional, personal, and interpersonal growth,
  • Communicate information concerning expectations, learning opportunities, and stressors
  • Prepare undergraduate nursing students to seek graduate education,
  • Promote the development of leadership qualities, and
  • Develop undergraduate nursing student's scholarship abilities.

Eligibility requirements for the student include:

  1. Achievement of a cumulative GPA of 3.5 in all LSUHSC School of Nursing course work, after completion of Sophomore II (traditional BSN) or Block II (CARE) semesters, with no grade less than a "B" in any course.
  2. Submission of a completed MUSES Program application.
  3. Submission of a 250 word goal statement related to a research or evidence-based practice project you would like to conduct as part of their MUSES experience.
  4. Submission of two letters of recommendation from LSUHNO- SON Faculty.

If interested in applying for the MUSES Program, please contact:
Jennifer Martin, DNP, CRNA;
Marie Adorno, PhD, APRN, CNS, RNC;