School of Nursing


Application Information

Application Requirements

  • All applicants are required to complete an application and interview with an appointed faculty prior to starting the program. An application and interview fee of $80 will be applied.
  • Current or Previous RN Licensure
    • Out of practice for greater than or equal to five years must complete core program modules in their entirety.
    • Out of practice for less than five years will have the option to test out of each module. All lab components are optional for participants who are not in the Recovery Nurse Program or who have not been out for greater than 5 years.
  • Recovery Nurse Program
    • Must provide letter from LSBN stating applicant's requirements.

Applicants must mail the completed application, a letter from the state board of nursing (if required) and a check made out to LSUHNO School of Nursing to the address below.

Check here for application

RN Refresher Program Administrator
LSUHNO School of Nursing
1900 Gravier Street, Office 4C2
New Orleans, LA 70112