Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Association (DEI SA)

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Our Mission: Provide a welcoming and supportive campus climate by embracing various cultures, races, genders, perspectives, religions, languages, and walks of life. SON faculty and professors will provide a network of diversity-related resources to support all academic success.

Our Vision: All students of various races, ethnicities, and genders will be supported, valued, and respected inclusively by all SON faculty and professors in building a dynamic student nurse work ethic.

DEI Officers Spring 2022



President Brittany Gorman bgorm3@lsuhsc.edu
Vice-President Jaz'Mine Green jgre32@lsuhsc.edu
Historian Katherine Triche ktric1@lsuhsc.edu
Secretary Michelle Coates mcoate@lsuhsc.edu
Treasurer Hailey Danna hdanna@lsuhsc.edu
Parliamentarian Lendelle Cannon lcann5@lsuhsc.edu
Men in Nursing Liaison Colin Stevenson cnippe@lsuhsc.edu
Guest Speaker Coordinator Vacant

DEI Class Representatives Spring 2022


Sophomore I Vacant
Sophomore II Vacant
Junior I Tina Mezquita tmezqu@lsuhsc.edu
Junior II Danielle Bellone dbello@lsuhsc.edu 
Senior I Allison Kolb akolb1@lsuhsc.edu
Senior II Ava Martin amar28@lsuhsc.edu
CARE XX Duaa Hashm dhashm@lsuhsc.edu
CARE 2023 Madison Kiger​ mkiger@lsuhsc.edu