Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Association

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Our Mission: Provide a welcoming and supportive campus climate by embracing various cultures, races, genders, perspectives, religions, languages, and walks of life. SON faculty and professors will provide a network of diversity-related resources to support all academic success.

Our Vision: All students of various races, ethnicities, and genders will be supported, valued, and respected inclusively by all SON faculty and professors in building a dynamic student nurse work ethic.

DEI Officers Spring 2021



President Brittany G. Gorman
Vice President Jaz'Mine Green
Historian Camryn Jolly
Secretary Lauren Jackson
Parliamentarian Lendelle Cannon
Guest Speaker Coordinator Claire Holland
Men In Nursing Liason Jeremy Moniz
Treasurer Vacant

DEI Class Representatives Spring 2021



Sophomore I Vacant
Sophomore II Vacant
Junior I Vacant
Junior II Vacant
Senior I Nadia Restreppo
Senior II Ne’Ja Sanders
Care XIX Caroline Cottingham
Care XX Duaa Hashm