Supplemental (SI) Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction?
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program designed to support historically difficult courses. SI is not a remedial program; SI sessions are open to all students enrolled in the targeted class. SI study sessions are peer facilitated group sessions that combine effective study skills and strategies to improve students’ performances. SI Leaders facilitate group sessions twice a week, attend every lecture, and serve as a model student.

Benefits of SI Sessions
Data has shown that students who regularly attend SI sessions average a full letter grade higher than their peers who do not participate in SI sessions. The sessions integrate content and learning strategies to facilitate critical thinking. Students who attend these sessions acquire new study and learning strategies that can transfer to other courses. The sessions welcome all students enrolled in the targeted course, thus allowing for a more diverse learning environment that fosters collaborative and meaningful learning.

Role of SI Leaders
SI Leaders are students themselves or graduate-level students who have taken the class before and earned a high grade in the course (A or B) or have taken and successfully completed a higher-level class. SI Leaders undergo a training process, and they are prepared to share with students how to effectively study for the course. SI Leaders attend the same class sessions with the students, taking notes and listening closely to the professor. SI Leaders are supervised by the SI Coordinator and work closely with the course instructor.

Courses Supported by SI
HLSC 2410: Human Physiology
HLSC 3410: Pathophysiology