School of Nursing

Academic Success Program

Peer Mentoring Program

“In a battery, I strive to maximize electrical potential. When mentoring, I strive to maximize human potential.” — Donald Sadoway


Danielle Bellone
Danielle Bellone is a 35-year-old second-career (third career? fourth? It's hard to tell) Soph 2 nursing student. She was born in New Orleans but has a secret crush on Appalachia. Optimizing her quarantine time, Danielle binge-watches Call the Midwife, plays the harp poorly, chases after her newly toddling toddler, laughs at the antics of her dogs and chickens, smooches her wife, re-reads Terry Pratchett novels, and coordinates an (adult) storytelling show called "Storytime for Queerdos." She has won sundry awards for teaching and storytelling, but mostly she is into making life sweeter for misfits of all kinds.


Bailey Boten
Bailey Boten is a fraternal twin born on 9/11/1997. She is 23 years old and is from Metairie, Louisiana, but currently lives in River Ridge, Louisiana. She is currently a Senior 1 at LSU. Bailey went to Ursuline Academy High School and was a part of numerous different clubs and activities such as: The Lionettes Dance Team, Peer ministry, Student Ambassadors, and Student Council. Bailey was the dance team captain for 2 years before graduation. Before graduating she was voted by her class as “the most outgoing” and “most likely to return to teach” awards. Bailey attended UNO for 2 years to get her pre-recs in for Nursing school. While at UNO, she attended the Innsbruck Study Abroad Summer School and was selected as an ambassador for that program as well. Bailey is extremely outgoing but knows how to be a listener. She is kind and patient, but also knows how to be a leader and get things done. She is real as real can be but will always be one of your biggest cheerleaders! Bailey loves working out and spending time with her family and friends. Get to know Bailey and have a buddy for life!


Katlyn Brown
Katlyn Brown was born and raised in Prairieville and is 22 years old. Katlyn is ambitious, passionate, and active. She is currently a Senior 2 and serves as the SNA secretary, NOWCS children's coordinator, Louisiana Association of Student Nurses (LASN) fundraiser coordinator, and governance committee member for Sigma Theta Tau. She participates in the MUSES research program and was the recent recipient of the LASN Stephanie Payne Memorial Scholarship. She has a passion for international and community outreach. She spends much of her free time gardening, visiting local coffee shops, and enjoying the outdoors.


Lendelle Cannon
Lendelle Cannon, a 23-year old New Orleans native, is currently in the JR 1 cohort of the Traditional BSN program at Louisiana State University Health New Orleans. He is involved extracurriculars such as: a board member of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusivity Student Taskforce and serves on committees for Team Up and Quality Enhancement. Prior to attending LSUHNO SON, Lendelle was a Student Support Services pre-nursing student mentor at LSU. He has experience with study techniques and course material organization that may be of use to students who are newcomers to LSUHNO SON. Lendelle is dedicated to assisting first-year students with easing the transition into a rigorous nursing school.


Fidu Gemechu
Fidu Gemechu is currently starting her second semester of nursing school here at LSU Health! Fidu is excited to meet you and teach you about all of the things she has learned thus far and will be learning as she progresses in her program. Fidu is from Ethiopia but was raised right here in the Crescent City. She loves the rich culture of this city! Fidu draws inspiration from her faith, loves music, food and adventures. Fidu is in the CARE program and has a B.S in biological sciences from LSU. She has served as an undergraduate research assistant, VP of social media for a national honor society, volunteered with many organizations, and is a certified phlebotomist. She has shadow experience and is working to expand her portfolio. Fidu is looking for a mentee who is passionate and shows resilience in the face of challenges.


Camryn Jolly
Camryn Jolly is a 21-year-old native from New Orleans, LA. She graduated from Cabrini High School in New Orleans in 2017 and spent a year and a half at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. She is currently a Senior 1 and can be described as goal-oriented, ambitious, and encouraging. Jolly previously served as Assistant Director of Communications for LSU Student Government. She is currently the Historian for her class (via the Student Government Association), Student Nurses Association, and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Student Taskforce. She is also the IT Director for the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses (LASN). Jolly is super creative and loves to be involved! She is known to be straight-forward and a go-getter.


Kay Latino
Kay Lee Latino is a 22 year old native from Gulfport Mississippi. Beginning in 2018, Kay enrolled in the traditional nursing program at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Now in her Senior 2 semester , she aspires to work on a Labor and Delivery Unit after graduating in May of 2021. She has served on the Student Life Committee, is Student Interest Representative of her nursing class, and Community Service Coordinator in the Student Nursing Association. Kay enjoys making connections to students in the nursing program as well as provide advice and assistance to those in previous cohorts.


Peyton Markey
Peyton Markey is a Senior II student. He is also the Senior II Class president. Peyton is in the traditional program and completed his prerequisites at LSU-BR and Delgado. He decided to become a peer mentor because he had been fortunate enough to have a couple of mentors in his life that really had an impact on his future. Peyton would like to give that experience to someone else. This is a tough school to get through on your own, however Peyton is vested in helping other students navigate through nursing school and assist them in successfully reaching their goals while also enjoying their experiences.


Kaitlyn Rae McAuliffe
Kaitlyn Rae McAuliffe is a 23-year-old native from Mandeville, Louisiana. Kaitlyn is a Senior I Nursing Student. Kaitlyn completed her nursing pre- requisites at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where she was involved in the Delta Gamma sorority. Kaitlyn is currently the Social Vice President of the Junior II class, and is actively involved in the National Student Nursing Association. In her free time, she enjoys going to LSU football games, traveling, and exploring restaurants in New Orleans. Kaitlyn has an open personality, loves to try new things, and meet new people. Kaitlyn is also an active volunteer for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. After graduation, Kaitlyn plans to work with children in pediatrics.


Fernanda Morales
Fernanda Morales is a 24 year old native from Honduras. She is a senior II and will be graduating December 10, so she is very familiar with the ups and downs of nursing school. She understands that nursing school can be very stressful and not easy to go through. She also graduated with a biology degree from LSU in 2017. She is motivated, friendly, and enjoys helping others. She is a member of the student nurses association and sigma theta tau. She loves to play volleyball, tennis, and occasionally jog. She also loves food, especially pasta, and her area of interest is the ICU. With this program, she hopes to provide other students with advice, tips, or just be there if they need someone to talk to.


Caylee Palazzalo
Caylee Palazzalo is a 20-year-old native from Metairie, Louisiana. She is currently a Junior 1 student. She considers herself a good listener, who is open to talk with you about anything at any time. She is organized, and her past two semesters of nursing school has helped her learn how to manage her time between school and extracurricular activities. In high school, she was in the National Honor Society and received academic excellence and achievement awards. At LSU in Baton Rouge, she was a member of Gamma Beta Phi for one year. Throughout her high school and college years, she has been on the honor roll. She has volunteered for Miracle League, YMCA, Boo at the Zoo, Companion Animal Alliance, and Knock Knock Children's Museum. Outside of school, she enjoys watching sports, watching TV shows and movies on Netflix, Disney+, or Hulu, and spending time with family and friends.


Megan Paretti
Megan Paretti is a 22 year old native of Slidell, Louisiana on February 13, 1998. She is currently a Senior II nursing student and is looking forward to working as a nurse when she graduates; she is hoping to gain a job at Children's Hospital. Megan has been a member of SNA throughout nursing school and enjoys being involved with other nursing students. She was a swimmer as a child and swam competitively throughout high school. Megan still enjoys being outdoors and remains active!


Katie Philippi
Katie Philippi is a 25-year-old NOLA native, who is fun-loving, organized, dedicated, and sociable. Katie is an advocate for and member of the LGBTQ+ community, often pushing the people around her to be more accepting and inclusive. Before nursing school, Katie attended Loyola University New Orleans, where she played intercollegiate volleyball and joined a sorority, Theta Phi Alpha. Katie is the class president of the Junior 2 class and enjoys being involved in anything that allows her to meet new people and make new friends. While she is very dedicated to school, Katie enjoys frequent opportunities to put down the books to take a walk at the park with her family, eat sushi, and try new coffee shops.


Nadia Restreppo
Nadia Restreppo is a first generation Mexican-American from East Los Angeles, California. Even though she was born in the United States, she was an English-as-Secondary-Language (ESL) student up until the 6th grade, as her primary language at home was Spanish. Nadia has had many setbacks along her nursing journey, but her passion for nursing has not allowed her to give up. Is she a perfect “A” nursing student? No, but she does have the grit to push through the rigorous nursing curriculum and come back stronger when all the odds are against her. Nadia wants to be a mentor because she understands how difficult it is to navigate through nursing school on your own, especially when you are “the first” in your family and lack role models to identify with. A little about her personality: She is a very low-key person, quiet for the most part, and considers herself to be very patient, compassionate, and a great listener. Nadia loves animals; she honestly cannot imagine life without them. Nadia has two dogs that her and her husband adopted in Baton Rouge. She enjoys cooking from scratch, especially foods that she grew up with, as it makes her feel closer to family and home.


Nathan Stokes
Nathan Stokes was born on September 27, 1976. That was an incredibly long time ago! Prior to starting at the School of Nursing, Nate was in the US Army for 24 Years. Nate served in Iraq and Afghanistan and got a great deal more out of his service then it ever got out of him! Nate is a 3-time winner of the C'ist Student on Campus Award and really only has one academic skill: hard unceasing work. When Nate is not being crushed by academics, he loves to spend time with his dog Nino, watch his Liverpool Football Club, and be decidedly below average at Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Like the ancient Greeks were fond of saying “…youth an exuberance are pretty great, but old guys have experience and probably arthritis.”


Tiffany West
Tiffany West is a 35-year-old student from Pineville, Louisiana. Tiffany is intuitive, empathetic, and detail oriented. She is a Senior 1 and expects to graduate in December 2021. Tiffany serves as the SGA Class President, LASN Parliamentarian, and Team-up SON Representative. Tiffany is also a mother of three, SNA volunteer, and member of two diversity and inclusivity organizations. Tiffany has lived in Korea and visited Cambodia and is obsessed with foods from both regions (and most regions around the world, honestly) and loves to bake. Tiffany even owned a bakery while living in Korea.