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How Do I Spend My Time?

Tracking your time for one week can provide insight as to whether you are managing your 168 hours a week efficiently. Complete the My Time Appraisal Worksheet to assess how you are spending your time during the course of a week. If your final calculation suggests that you require an adjustment in how you are currently managing your time, immediately restructure how and where you spend your time during a typical week in a semester. Your academic success is highly dependent upon your ability to properly manage your time.

The links below are tools that can assist you in organizing your time.



•   To provide a broad perspective of the big picture for the semester
•   Allows students to record fixed appointments/activities in one place
•   Aids students in drafting a weekly calendar

How can I draft a semester calendar?

•   Transfer fixed dates from the academic calendar
•   Transfer fixed dates from your syllabi
•   List all personal commitments that may affect your ability to study

Click here for Semester Calendar


•   To help students identify times designated to certain courses/activities
•   To help students organize daily activities during the week
•   To encourage students to create to-do lists

How can I draft a weekly calendar?

•   List class commitments identified on your semester calendar
•   List lecture and lab times
•   List extracurricular activities
•   List meal times
•   List work schedule
•   List travel times
•   List study times

Click here for Weekly Calendar
Click here for Sample Weekly Calendar


•   To encourage students to prioritize their weekly schedule
•   To list daily tasks and times allotted to complete each task
•   To encourage accountability and support academic success

How can I draft a to-do list?

•   Prioritize activities listed on your weekly schedule from high to low
•   Be specific and include time frames for each task
•   Check off or cross out tasks once completed

Click here for To-Do List