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Center for Nursing Leadership


LSUHSC School of Nursing Center for Nursing Leadership vision is to achieve national and international recognition for excellence in nursing leadership.


LSUHSC School of Nursing Center for Nursing Leadership mission is to promote nurses educational and experiential expertise in leadership. This mission will be achieved through continuing nursing education programs and consultation services targeting nurses and health care facilities who desire to engage in transformational leadership to improve nursing practice and health care delivery systems.

Goals of the Center for Nursing Leadership

The mission will be specifically accomplished through the achievement of the following goals:

The goals of the Center for Nursing Leadership are to:

  • To create a critical mass of nursing leaders to generate a culture of nursing leadership;
  • To build and maintain a diverse, advanced executive leadership workforce;
  • To provide individualized advanced leadership development;
  • To develop nurse leaders that improve nursing practice and health care
  • To promote a culture of nursing leadership that creates a healthy work environment;
  • To engage nurse leaders in transformational change;
  • To engage in nursing research and scholarship that advances the state of nursing leadership science.

 LSUHSC School of Nursing Leadership Model

The leader exists in a symbiotic relationship with their organizational environment. The leader is the producer of their organizational environment and adapts and responds to their organizational environment. Leadership is dynamic and changing with the leader being the producer and recipient of the changing organizational environment. The leader impacts the health care delivery system by leading themselves; engaging in the business of leadership and management, influencing others, leading change, leading complex organizational systems, and participating in executive board and stakeholder leadership as a service to the profession and community with the highest leadership ethical principles. This is presented in the model below. This leadership model provides the foundation for the nursing leadership continuing education at LSUHSC School of Nursing.