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Nursing Skills and Technology Center/Simulation Center

Nursing Skills and Technology Center/Simulation Center


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SimLab1 Simulation Labs


  • Realism of simulation experience
  • State of the art high fidelity simulation technology
  • Risk-free, error-forgiving safe and supportive learning environment such as critical care, acute care, labor and delivery, operating room settings
HospitalLab1 Hospital Lab / IV Lab


  • Fifteen-bed hospital laboratory with each unit consisting of an hospital bed, bedside table, over bed table, bedside chair, hand washing facilities, and privacy curtains
  • Functional head walls with suction and “oxygen”, as well as a heart monitor, emergency and traditional medicine carts, and a separate medication room with knee gate hand washing facilities.
  • Practice ranges from simple bed making to advanced skills in intensive care.
Testing&ExamRoom1 Testing & Exam Rooms


  • These areas are housed in the Nursing Skills and Technology Center but are overseen but the Information Technology Department.
Equipment1 Equipment


  • Meti Adult & Pediatric Human Patient Simulators
  • MetiMan High Fidelity Simulators - Nursing and Pre-hospital models
  • Noelle and Baby Hal Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulators
  • Lucina Childbirth Simulator
  • Blue Phantom Anesthesia Simulators