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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Microsoft Surface Hub

What is a Microsoft Surface Hub?

These 55” touchscreen displays can be used as whiteboards, for collaborating on documents, presenting, Internet access, and teleconferencing. 

Where are they located?

These units are located in conference rooms 4A9 and 4B8.

How do you turn them on/off?

These units feature a motion sensor and should turn on automatically whenever someone enters the room.  If the unit is not already on, try pressing the “on” button on the right side.  After you are done using it, press the “I'm done” button on the screen and the unit will return to the main menu for the next person to use. 

How do you launch an app?

Either select one from the main screen or tap on the “Windows” symbol at the bottom, then select “All apps”.  The apps featured include a whiteboard, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Microsoft Edge web browser, and others.

How do you open a file?

Flash Drive - The units have a USB port on the right side where you can insert a flash drive.  You can then open the File Explorer app to browse the contents and select a file to open.

Email - You can use the Microsoft Edge browser to open your school email if the file is located in your email.

One Drive - You can open the One Drive app on the unit or select One Drive under PowerPoint/Word/Excel to open files you have saved to your One Drive.

How do you use the whiteboard?

Select the “Whiteboard” app from the main screen or list of apps.  There are special pens on either side of the unit held by magnets that can be used to write on the whiteboard.  Along the bottom are options for changing the ink color, erasing, selecting, undoing, or switching to using your finger as the input. 

How do you save your work?

Please note that the system erases all files whenever it is restarted, so you must save any documents before you sign off. 

Whiteboard - Tap the email icon on the bottom right and choose “One Drive”.  You will have to log in with your LSUHSC user name and password to complete the process.  Afterwards, open One Drive on your personal laptop or device (you may need to install the One Drive program or app if you don't have it already) and the file should show up there.

PowerPoint/Word/Excel - Any files opened from USB flash drive can be saved back to the flash drive.  Any files created on the unit or opened from the web/email can be saved to the unit itself, flash drive, or One Drive.  If saved to the unit itself, the file can be emailed by logging into your LSUHSC email account through the Microsoft Edge web browser and sending via attachment.  Any files opened via One Drive can be saved back to One Drive. 

How do you connect the laptop that is in the room?

The units can be used to display the laptops that are located in the room.  From the main screen, select the “Connect” option, then select the laptop.

Is there a keyboard?

A keyboard with touchpad is available for the units.  Please send an email to to sign one out.