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Processing the Completed Dissertation: ProQuest Archival & Copyright

The attached ProQuest PDF files provide instructions on the copyright and archiving process. You will submit your dissertation to ProQuest in a PDF format, and pay them directly for archiving and copyrighting your work. Please submit a copy of your UMI Publication Agreement to your Major Professor as confirmation of copyright and microfilm request.

You will need to provide a minimum of 3 copies of your complete dissertation for binding. Please deliver to Ms. Lynn Cuiellette, located in the Dean's reception area of the 4th floor of the Nursing Building. These copies must be on 20-pound, 100% cotton paper (archival quality). The School of Nursing will pay for these three copies of your dissertation. One copy will be provided to the LSUHSC Ische Library, one to the School of Nursing and one to you. If you wish additional personal copies of your dissertation, please provide additional copies to Ms. Cuiellette, also on the 20-pound, 100% cotton paper; you will need to pay for the additional bound copies. The 2013 price is $7.85 per copy, subject to change based on HFGroup, LLC pricing.

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