School of Nursing

PhD of Nursing

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the following graduation requirements:

  1. Satisfactory completion of all course work as specified by the PhD curriculum and the Major Professor.

  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on all course work, with no grade lower than a B.

  3. Completion and satisfactory defense of a dissertation directed by a dissertation committee.

  4. Recommendation of the Faculty, and approval by the Admissions, Progression and Graduation Committee.

  5. Attendance at rehearsal, pre-commencement and Commencement unless specifically excused by the Dean.

  6. Verification that all materials belonging to the Health Sciences Center and cooperating agencies have been returned through the proper procedures. These materials would include such items as library books, equipment, keys, furniture, or related items.

  7. Satisfactory status concerning all financial obligations to the LSU System.

  8. Completion of end of course evaluation, exit survey and all components of compliance training.