School of Nursing

PhD of Nursing

Funding and Loan Opportunities for PhD in Nursing Students

Qualified students interested in the PhD in Nursing program may be eligible to receive tuition support through one of these funding opportunities available through the LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing:

  1. Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP). Students complete an application for the NFLP by July 1st through July 15th of each year they are in the PhD in Nursing Program. Acceptance into the NFLP is based on the availability of funds to our School of Nursing for a given year. The NFLP will pay for tuition (in-state or out-of-state) and fees (including the Excellence Fee) while the student is in the program for up to five years, as long as the student remains in good academic standing. 85% of the loan will be forgiven if the student becomes a full-time faculty member in a US school of nursing for at least 4 years after completing the PhD in Nursing degree.

  2. PhD in Nursing Scholarship. This scholarship will pay in-state tuition and fees (excluding the Excellence Fee) for the PhD in Nursing Program. The LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing will fund up to 5 years of study as a part-time student (up to 17 credits per year). The application for this program must be submitted by June 30th of the year students apply to the PhD in Nursing Program and every year thereafter. Scholarships will be provided based on the available funds and the number of eligible students applying each year. Criteria for receiving a PhD in Nursing scholarship include the following:

    1. Completion of the application for a PhD in Nursing Scholarship
    2. Eligibility criteria for admission to the PhD in Nursing Program
      • Student research interest essay,
      • Undergraduate and Graduate GPA,
      • At least 2 reference letters which refer to the student's research ability and/or potential for research
    3. Students who are currently faculty in a US school of nursing and/or who will likely be teaching for 4 years after they receive their PhD Nursing degree will NOT be eligible for the PhD in Nursing Scholarship. They are encouraged instead to apply for the NFLP loan.

Students who receive the PhD in Nursing Scholarship will also have the additional expectation to submit a second manuscript for publication before they defend their dissertation.

Students who do not complete the PhD in Nursing degree or meet all expectations may be asked to pay back some or all of their scholarship funds.